Maidenhead Converter

Privacy Policy

I don't want your personal information, so I avoid collecting it in the first place.


You can grant Maidenhead Converter access to your location for the purpose of displaying your location to you on a map and as latitude/longitude and Maidenhead coordinates.

Maidenhead Converter saves a single coordinate locally on your device, whether tracked or manually entered, for the purpose of restoring it when the app relaunches. If you manually enter a coordinate, it will replace the previous coordinate in local storage.

This location tracking and coordinate storage happens locally on your device. I do not see it. I do not share it with third parties.

Anonymized Crash Reports and Usage Data from Apple

If you authorized iOS to share app activity and crash data with App Developers when setting up your device, Apple makes anonymized data available to me about Maidenhead Converter usage with no uniquely identifying information.

Third-Party Analytics

Maidenhead Converter does not use any other third-party analytics services.

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